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Puppy scams have been on the rise since interest in buying a new pet has surged while so many people have been working at home during the pandemic.

Puppy scams occur when a scammer poses as a seller of a dog that does not exist or will never be available for sale. The scammer may post a fake ad or even make arrangements to drop off the puppy to the consumer but then does not show up.

Signs of a scam are the following:

  1. The consumer finds the scammer through an e-commerce marketplace such as Facebook or Craigslist;
  2. The consumer has to make a deposit before the scammer will agree to any contact;
  3. Puppies are available immediately;
  4. Cost is significantly lower than ads for the same breed;
  5. Puppy must be shipped;
  6. Pictures of the puppy look staged;
  7. Gift cards are the required form of payment.

If you are the victim of a puppy scam, contact Pine Street Legal for help at 215-345-9214 or nkanter@pinestreetlegal.com.