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Federal Law Limits Debt Collectors

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, a federal law, prohibits debt collectors from doing the following:

  • Calling you between the hours of 9 p.m. and 8 a.m.;
  • Contacting you at work if you indicated verbally or in writing that your employer does not allow you to receive these types of calls;
  • Contacting a 3rd party about you for any reason other than to get your contact information;
  • Telling a 3rd party that you owe money;
  • Harassing you or anyone they contact about you;
  • Lying about how much you owe;
  • Using deceptive methods to collect a debt from you, including claiming to be law enforcement, claiming you will be arrested if you do not pay, using a fake company name and other methods that are deceptive.

If a debt collector is doing any of these things, you may be entitled to receive money damages that the debt collector will have to pay to you. Contact Pine Street Legal for a free consultation and to help you get justice against debt collectors who violate this federal law.