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Do You Know What A Chargemaster is??

When you go to the hospital for treatment or some kind of procedure you have to sign a consent for treatment form and sign that either your insurance company or you will pay the medical bills. Do you ever recall seeing the cost of the treatment or procedure(s) on the consent form or on anything else you receive upon admission into the hospital? No…well, that is because you are not given that information until you receive your EOB (Explanation Of Benefits) in the mail and/or when you receive a bill. A fact little known to the public is that as of January 1, 2019, federal law requires every hospital in the United States to provide on their website the Chargemaster, a spreadsheet that provides the price for every service. It is pretty complicated to decipher but it can be critical in not only looking up costs before going to the hospital but also if you are being sued for a medical debt. I will be posting more detail about medical debt in future blogs but in the meantime, contact Pine Street Legal to discuss your medical debt case and get a free consultation.